TAKe Brand Consulting Blog: Give Me a Chance: Self Reflection for Professional Development

Give Me a Chance: Self Reflection for Professional Development

After all, women tend to work twice as hard as men to be noticed or given advancement opportunities.

Women feel forced to compete on their record, whilst men can compete on their vision.

Bishop, 2022

Maybe you were given the chance, maybe you were disregarded or told to try again later. Either way, how you proceed is what makes a significant impact on where you end up.

I’d like to share a personal example. Throughout my career, I have connected with people who value me as a colleague, leader, and/or community advocate. I did not have to ask for a chance because they accepted me for who I am and voiced any concerns as they came up. The people that I asked to take a chance on me were not as open to connecting with me.

Quite frankly, they did their best to avoid me or gaslight me if the opportunity presented itself. That gaslighting led to experiencing symptoms of imposter syndrome.

For a while, I could not understand what I said or did (if anything) to lose their respect. All I wanted was for them to give me a chance to show them I am not a nuisance.

Then, I realized it may not be “me” that is jeopardizing this chance to connect. Whatever led them to believe I am not worthy of a chance is out of my control unless they have provided me direct feedback as to why there is this unspoken notion that I am unworthy of a chance.

A magical outcome happened after this “aha” moment, I became imperturbable and began focusing on being myself through emotional intelligence and evolving my personal brand. 

Take a moment to think about what it is you want.

  • Is it a new job or promotion? 
  • Is it to build relationships? 
  • Is it to transition into a new industry where you have little experience?

Once you know what it is, answer the following questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of this opportunity?
  • How realistic is my chance given my experience or stance on the matter?
  • If I were given the chance, who would be impacted by the decision (outside of myself)?
  • How can I turn this chance into the likelihood of a successful outcome?

Self-reflection plays a vital role in our own beliefs of what we can and cannot do, how we will do it, and what impact we will make.

If you do not believe in yourself, the chance of someone else believing in you is significantly low.

Yet, even when you believe in yourself, there are times you will still be rejected. In these situations, you may begin to let self-doubt take over and that is where you have to push back on the voice in your head telling you that you are unworthy, unqualified, or incapable of being given a chance.

Let your personal brand speak for itself. 

My team and I want to TAKe a chance on you.
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