TAKe Brand Consulting Blog: Why is Personal Branding Important?

Why is Personal Branding Important?

Personal Branding

Emotional intelligence is a key ingredient to building or enhancing one’s personal brand. Personal Branding is more than what you bring to the table— it also involves how others perceive you and what you do to strengthen the relationships you have. Think about a time you received a promotion at work. You made an impact beyond the needs of your role and for that, you were rewarded with a new title and/or higher pay. With Personal Branding, you are essentially promoting yourself through personal, professional, and educational endeavors.

Corporate Branding

Many businesses focus on Corporate Branding as a way to appeal to their target market and gain a competitive advantage. Some common examples include an interactive website, an eye-catching logo, a mission and vision statement, advertisements, etc. And guess what? They make substantial profits when their Corporate Branding is strategic, yet simple.

Product or Service Branding

Most people know what an Apple iPhone looks like even if you removed the Apple logo. This is an example of Product Branding. For cheap airline tickets, you might purchase a “Wanna Get Away” ticket from Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines utilizes Service Branding for these tickets and it works because the tickets are generally more affordable than other airlines.

So, why is Personal Branding important? How can having an exclusive brand help women? At TAKe Brand Consulting, we created the EDGE approach.

  • Explore your strengths and opportunities
  • Discover the values that make you, YOU
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Earn more equity

Encouraging women to leverage their personal brand can increase opportunities, such as narrowing the gender pay gap, putting more women in leadership positions, adding more diversity to media outlets, and much more. To learn more about creating or enhancing your personal brand, please reach out to takebrandconsulting@gmail.com.

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